Who Should You Trust For Relationship Advice?

Relationships are not always easy, but at the same time, that is exactly what makes them stronger if you are able to muster yourself together through the storm. But, just because you may have certain scuffles with your significant other or just because you feel confused about a problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to weather the issue alone. There are many resources out there that you can reach out to in order to get the help that you need to build a successful and loving relationship with your significant other. Below are a few of the best resources for advice.

Your Friends and Family

This is a good option, but it is not the best option. If your friends and family are individuals who truly care about you and your well-being and if they are familiar with companionship, then you should give asking them a try. Your friends and family will be able to advise you about what to do in certain situations, how to get through a tough fight, and they’ll also be able to provide you with an objective view of what your partnership looks like from a third-party’s view. This can help you determine how healthy and successful your relationship is and will be in the future.

Online Resources


If your friends and family are not the best individuals to consult, then you can also try turning to online resources. The great thing about online resources is that there is so much information out there on how to handle literally every single situation that can possibly arise. With that, you’ll be able to take this information and apply it to your own relations. However, you should also keep in mind to take everything with a grain of salt. Advice for on type of relation will not necessarily mean that the advice will be useful in your own situation. Therefore, always tread carefully.

Lots of Books

Finally, this may be an outdated option – but it does work. There are many relationship books out there that are written by professionals. Professionals are an excellent resource because they are able to provide information that is proven, legitimate, and that actually may work in your own situation. The only down side about turning to written resources is that they can be expensive to purchase or difficult to find at your local library.

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Speed Dating: Mostly For The Desperate

A highly popular matchmaking and dating trend is upon us. It is termed as speed dating. Typically, it has found a new abode over the internet. This sort of dating is a hassle-free and viable option for finding that someone very special. In fact, a great number of online dating sites providing this sort of service are gradually growing. It is the idyllic solution for those desperate people that desire to prevent bad dates with probable matches, however yet meet the girl or boy of their dreams.

How does this dating work?

The process is very simple. A great number of persons of both genders are brought in person or through a forum in order to meet each other over a number of very short dates. This generally doesn’t go above ten minutes. Thus, this specific dating desires some form of registration. However, this should not be considered as great expenditure. It is just fun from which one can get meaningful out of it.

The dating is gaining greater prominence these days amid many people. Mostly, busy professionals and individuals who lead hectic lives and don’t find time for traditional dating prefer speed dating. They are usually, attractive people who desire to meet compatible prospects without eventually wasting time.


The most obvious benefit is the speed. You get to meet a wide variety of individuals, all of whom are there to find a mate. It allows a great number of daters to meet someone in one short event. Apart from these, there are various other advantages of this dating and some of them are listed below;

Structured interaction – One amazing thing preferable to speed online dating is that there is a sort of dating, without knowing the contact information or credentials of the individual you desire to date. The fact that actually you are not allowed to trade credentials at the onset signifies that nobody would be pressurized or forced into getting into a specific relationship, which she or he does not like.

First impression matters – If we deem that this dating is efficiently done between five to ten minutes, it will be certain that individuals can easily utilize the impression, which they make to determine that you might be ideal for them. Thus, present yourself in an excellent manner; emotionally, physically, mentally and also with the selection of words you use.

Highly comfortable – By eliminating the concept of timing, this dating can be considered as extremely comfortable and amazing dating method available. What is comfortable is that you factually are at utmost leisure to speak to your prospective date without any disturbances that are allied with other scenes like pubs or bars.


Chances of approval are high – With speed online dating, your chances of approval are extremely high. The reason is that each and every person in a speed online dating forum is there to find a mate or date, either for temporal or otherwise for lifetime. This dating certainly differs from other available dating sceneries wherein you can mistakenly approach an individual who might not even have the keen or who is simply there for distraction.

This type of dating is an excellent way to meet true prospects, and probably, your soul-mate!

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Stop Trying To Get Back At Your Ex And Find Someone New


No matter what was the reason behind the break up; whether it was initiated by you or your ex, it was certainly very pain full and messy. Few things are as depressing and painful as you come to know that your ex has already found someone else. This scenario is very difficult when you are trying to fix your relationship and also get back together with your ex. Once the relationship ends and you realize that you can stop getting back with your ex.

Time to move on

The point at which you required to end up getting back your ex is very different for each unique relationship. If they have moved on and seemed happier than they were ever before, you also need to stop the thought of trying to get them back. Most of the people may engage in a rebound relationship after a break and seems giddy and re-energized. If ex avoids your call and not responds to email messages, texts, then this is the time to stop get back at your ex and find someone else.

How to stop

Having a relationship break up can be very hard and painful experience, especially when your feelings continuously float back to your ex. Constantly thinking about them may increase the pain and also anger, it will make you more difficult to move on the new relationship. There are so many techniques available to help to accept the relationship and also finally stop thinking about the ex relationship. Here are some useful tips to stop get back at your ex:

  • Release your pent up emotions: The breakup of relationship usually feels as like the death of a loved one. Cry if you want to and don’t try to keep the emotions inside. Share with someone who you will trust and also ignore the things that are hurtful which were told by your ex.
  • Seek prospective: Try to think about the happy times in your life; those have nothing do with this relationship. By saying goodbye find closure.
  • Adjust your physical space: you can remove the memory triggers such the gifts from your ex. Collect the items that will trigger the memories of your ex such as stuffed animal, jewelry, records and book then donating them to a charitable trust.
  • Stop all contact with your Ex: Avoid contacts them via messages, phone calls and Emails. You can also remove their presence from your life.
  • Alter your daily routine: you can change your life style by adding some exercises such as meditation, trying out a new café and taking a walk. You can create a new routine and good habits all your own.
  • Release energy and tension: Read some books which are related to life inspiration and also try to be active, seek happiness and forgiveness.

Find a new, right relationship and also keep it strong. Adjust your expectation and also forgive everything that you know about your ex then start with a clean slate. Discover the real you and start a new dating.

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Definition Of A Serious Relationship

A strong relationship between two people kindles from love and care. When two persons share a bond of trust and accept each other completely, irrespective of strengths and weaknesses, there is some special commitment built in that relationship. The serious relation stands on the strong grounds of loyalty that the two people can battle under any difficult circumstances as one and can even stand against the world if needed, without leaving one another.

Understanding- Basis of lifelong serious commitments

The casual college dates, hang outs and dating for a considerable long time sometimes goes to a higher level of a serious affairs between two friends. A lifelong commitment also extends to revealing the relation to the family members of the couples. The couples take time to introduce their partners and meeting each other’s family members more often in turns. The serious relationship never ends when there are small disputes due to misunderstandings. The partners make it a point to understand each other’s points of views.

In a serious kind of relationship, partners always find some way to meet and spend time together. They compliment and praise each other for small love gestures. Also, gift surprises are common ways to keep the relationship fresh, happy and jovial from both the perspective of both men and women. Partners have such a comfort level and trust that sharing secrets becomes very easy for them with their partners unlike anyone else. Small mischief acts are often done which are loved by the partners and leads to a win-win situation.


Both the partners keep a check on the likes and dislikes and also the favourite food, colours of their partners, as they are very thoughtful to gift something to their partners, like when they meet and make their day even more special. Also, understanding each other’s problems through open communication and resolving it together makes the bond stronger and love deeper. Whether it is sharing good things or bad, this two-way relationship calls for equal sharing of the results.

Enjoy each moment of togetherness

A relationship can be truly worthwhile when the partners in love take time for each other and also enjoy in many moments of togetherness in their busy lives. The company can be even enjoyable when the two lovers are in deep, awkward silence. It is not necessary for them to do same things; they can do different things of individual choice even when together appreciating each other’s personal space. Many a times, the habits of the partners are adopted by the other partner due to attachment.

Longing for company

When the partners are away from each other they long to see and meet each other in a serious relationship. Kissing and affectionate hugs are a normal way of expressing the love between the two. The partners together make their life happier by taking social responsibilities to fulfil each other’s and families needs by getting into a marriage bonds. The cases of infidelity and cheating the partners in serious commitment are next to impossible. Honesty is the base of a relationship.

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How To Know When You’re in Love

Love is a pure feeling of heart that often appears without any warning or letting the person be aware of it fully. So sometimes it is seen that a person cannot understand that he/she is in love with someone special, and can go on taking it as a mere friendship, without knowing own feelings clearly. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to know about the ways which can tell whether he/she is in love or not, to prevent any false relation with the loved person.

Take note of whether thinking more of a particular person

  • When a person is in love with someone, he/she cannot stop thinking of that person and even go on imagining being with her/him. So you find yourself to be thinking too often about someone, whom you feel to be more special than the others, it is more likely that you are in love with that person. Unknowingly, you may even think of spending more time with that person and miss him/her when you are not with him/her.
  • When you see a romantic movie, or hear a romantic song, you will find yourself instantly thinking of that specific person, without even intending to do it.
  • Whenever you are in any problem, the first one you think of asking for help is that special person, whom you think to be completely reliable.
  • Whenever you are in company with that person, you feel much better about yourself and a lot happier too, thus indicating clearly when you’re in love with that person.
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See if you feel okay with even any negative aspect of that person

As love is said to be blind, it is in the nature of the lovers to ignore each other’s faults and accept the other person as he/she is. Therefore, if you find that you are overlooking or trying to justify the flaws of a person, you are most probably in love with him/her.

Notice if you are most willing to help a specific person

When you are in love with someone, you will feel highly obliged to help that person even in the smallest way, like helping him/her with studies or work, bringing a cup of coffee for him/her or suggesting any solution to his/her problems. You will feel that time spent in helping him/her not wasted at all, but really made best use of that time.

Feel the amount of happiness on seeing him/her

When you see that specific person, you will feel a lot happier, as a child feels on seeing the parents after a long period. You will feel each moment spent with him/her to be precious and want to linger these moments more, even if there is no reason to stay back. You will find that this person can make you laugh even at the silliest joke or slightest humor, as you are already determined to be happy with him/her.

Check yourself if you are ready to do anything for that person

When a person is in love, he/she is ready to do anything or go till any length for the loved one. So if you feel that you too are ready to take any risk or compromise your own comfort for the sake of that person’s benefit, then clearly you can understand when you’re in love with him/her.

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