How To Know When You’re in Love

Love is a pure feeling of heart that often appears without any warning or letting the person be aware of it fully. So sometimes it is seen that a person cannot understand that he/she is in love with someone special, and can go on taking it as a mere friendship, without knowing own feelings clearly. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to know about the ways which can tell whether he/she is in love or not, to prevent any false relation with the loved person.

Take note of whether thinking more of a particular person

  • When a person is in love with someone, he/she cannot stop thinking of that person and even go on imagining being with her/him. So you find yourself to be thinking too often about someone, whom you feel to be more special than the others, it is more likely that you are in love with that person. Unknowingly, you may even think of spending more time with that person and miss him/her when you are not with him/her.
  • When you see a romantic movie, or hear a romantic song, you will find yourself instantly thinking of that specific person, without even intending to do it.
  • Whenever you are in any problem, the first one you think of asking for help is that special person, whom you think to be completely reliable.
  • Whenever you are in company with that person, you feel much better about yourself and a lot happier too, thus indicating clearly when you’re in love with that person.
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See if you feel okay with even any negative aspect of that person

As love is said to be blind, it is in the nature of the lovers to ignore each other’s faults and accept the other person as he/she is. Therefore, if you find that you are overlooking or trying to justify the flaws of a person, you are most probably in love with him/her.

Notice if you are most willing to help a specific person

When you are in love with someone, you will feel highly obliged to help that person even in the smallest way, like helping him/her with studies or work, bringing a cup of coffee for him/her or suggesting any solution to his/her problems. You will feel that time spent in helping him/her not wasted at all, but really made best use of that time.

Feel the amount of happiness on seeing him/her

When you see that specific person, you will feel a lot happier, as a child feels on seeing the parents after a long period. You will feel each moment spent with him/her to be precious and want to linger these moments more, even if there is no reason to stay back. You will find that this person can make you laugh even at the silliest joke or slightest humor, as you are already determined to be happy with him/her.

Check yourself if you are ready to do anything for that person

When a person is in love, he/she is ready to do anything or go till any length for the loved one. So if you feel that you too are ready to take any risk or compromise your own comfort for the sake of that person’s benefit, then clearly you can understand when you’re in love with him/her.

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