Stop Trying To Get Back At Your Ex And Find Someone New


No matter what was the reason behind the break up; whether it was initiated by you or your ex, it was certainly very pain full and messy. Few things are as depressing and painful as you come to know that your ex has already found someone else. This scenario is very difficult when you are trying to fix your relationship and also get back together with your ex. Once the relationship ends and you realize that you can stop getting back with your ex.

Time to move on

The point at which you required to end up getting back your ex is very different for each unique relationship. If they have moved on and seemed happier than they were ever before, you also need to stop the thought of trying to get them back. Most of the people may engage in a rebound relationship after a break and seems giddy and re-energized. If ex avoids your call and not responds to email messages, texts, then this is the time to stop get back at your ex and find someone else.

How to stop

Having a relationship break up can be very hard and painful experience, especially when your feelings continuously float back to your ex. Constantly thinking about them may increase the pain and also anger, it will make you more difficult to move on the new relationship. There are so many techniques available to help to accept the relationship and also finally stop thinking about the ex relationship. Here are some useful tips to stop get back at your ex:

  • Release your pent up emotions: The breakup of relationship usually feels as like the death of a loved one. Cry if you want to and don’t try to keep the emotions inside. Share with someone who you will trust and also ignore the things that are hurtful which were told by your ex.
  • Seek prospective: Try to think about the happy times in your life; those have nothing do with this relationship. By saying goodbye find closure.
  • Adjust your physical space: you can remove the memory triggers such the gifts from your ex. Collect the items that will trigger the memories of your ex such as stuffed animal, jewelry, records and book then donating them to a charitable trust.
  • Stop all contact with your Ex: Avoid contacts them via messages, phone calls and Emails. You can also remove their presence from your life.
  • Alter your daily routine: you can change your life style by adding some exercises such as meditation, trying out a new café and taking a walk. You can create a new routine and good habits all your own.
  • Release energy and tension: Read some books which are related to life inspiration and also try to be active, seek happiness and forgiveness.

Find a new, right relationship and also keep it strong. Adjust your expectation and also forgive everything that you know about your ex then start with a clean slate. Discover the real you and start a new dating.

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